App Features

Automatic Git Time Tracker

Simply select your git project and start tracking!
Your git commit comments will automatically appear listed under the branch it was commited to.

Want to anonymise your commits?
Just enable it under preferences, and all your commits will be anonymised with a custom label.

Don't worry about shifting between branches, the tracker will automatically check your current branch.

Manual Time Tracker

Need to attend a meeting?
Simply switch to manual mode, and use Git Timer as a regular time tracker.

Is the meeting related to one of your Git projects?
Easily connect them with a project label, that's already created from your development folder.

Inactivity Tracker

Forgot to stop the Git Tracker before heading into a meeting?
The inactivity tracker will prompt you with 3 actions:

  • Ignore the time
    Nothing happens
  • Remove inactivity time
    Tracker continues from when you've inactive
  • Add as new entry
    Inactivity duration is added as a new entry